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Geography Club

about 1 year ago

Geography Club

Meeting Dates:

October 18

November 1,
November 15

December 6,
December 20

January 17

February 21

March 7, 
March 21

April 4, April 18

May 2

Sponsor: Peter Chinderle-

Math Club

about 1 year ago

P.O.W.E.R. Club

5 months ago

The club stands for Positive Outstanding Women Encouraging Responsibility.  The goal of the club is to provide a support system to help empower young girls to make positive choices in an increasing difficult world.  

2018 Meeting Dates
          October 9, 15, 22, 29 (the 9th is a Tuesday)
          November 5, 12, 26
          December 4, 10, 17 (the 4th is a Tuesday)

Sponsors: Mrs. Jennie Shaffern-
                 Mrs. Erika Keen- 

Recycling Club

about 1 year ago

Bring your muscles to room 119
  • Club Information:  Hello, my name is Mrs. McGowan. I am the sponsor for Recycling Club. My passion for recycling is contagious, as my students through the club learn to empower themselves to impact the world in a positive way. The students learn the importance of their actions and those of others on Mother Nature. The green club members will be included in a contest to raise money for the future of the club. The students may also have the opportunity to participate in a garage sale “Trunk full of Junk” to involve the community in the efforts at WBO to recycle, reduce, and reuse our resources, or raise money for a Go Green Organization. I believe it is important to teach our youth so they grow to become compassionate about our environment as adults.  The students will be picking 128,108 sq.ft.  of  paper, plastic, and aluminum around  WBO.  The students will be picking up Recycled items after school from 2:30-3:55 p.m. The students will meet in Mrs. McGowan’s room 119 at WBO. The students will take home the activity bus or can be picked up from 3:55-4:00p.m.  Please visit  and on the homepage under quick links is the  Activity Bus Schedule. This schedule will clarify your child’s designated bus after school.

    Go Planet,

    Mrs.  McGowan


Robotics Club

about 1 year ago

2017/2018 WBO Robotics club has formed. For November and December we will be learning some basic programming and working with some of the robot sensors.  Sometime in January we will receive the challenge for this year's robotics competition.  We will then have to design, build, and program the robot to complete different tasks for the competition.  

Our meeting dates for 2017/2018

Thursday, November 16

Wednesday, November 29

Thursday, December 14

Thursday, January 4

Thursday, January 18

Wednesday, January 31

Thursday, February 8

Thursday, February 22

Thursday, March 8

Thursday, March 22

Thursday, April 5

Thursday, April 19

Wednesday, April 25

Saturday, April 28 competition 

Science Club

about 1 year ago


Science Club Schedule

Science Club is a time to do fun Science experiments and activities! 
It's a great time!


Sponsor: Shelley Hill

Speech Team

about 1 year ago

Come back soon for info about the 2017-18 school year!

Student Council

about 1 year ago

Welcome to Student Council! 

We have a lot of fun events and activities planned for this school year so please take a look at the meeting calendar link below and make sure you are at every meeting, if possible. If you cannot attend a meeting, you must inform Ms. Fisher or Mrs. McKnight. We look forward to having a great school year with a stellar Student Council! GO TROJANS!!

What is student council? (PDF)

1st Semester: Meeting Calendar

2nd Semester: Meeting Calendar

Sponsors: Ashley Fisher-
                 Loretta McKnight-

WBO News Club

about 1 year ago

WBO News Logo

Check out our YouTube page!

The WBO News Team meets on Thursday mornings to present the news for the school.  The news is recorded live and shown in the lunchroom.  As a member of the team, you would be assigned a day(s) to report the news for the school to view. 

List below are descriptions of each job you will have a chance to experience as a part of the WBO News Team.  You will have the opportunity to try each job throughout the year.

News Commentator: Responsible for reading the news scripts live in front of the camera.  Excellent reading and communication skills are needed.
Computer Technician:  Controls the on-air computer and records the news.  

Sponsors: Ann Provencher- room121 Joe Ryan - room160

World Percussion Ensemble

about 1 year ago


Welcome to the World Percussion Ensemble website! Here you will find information about upcoming dates and events. World Percussion Ensemble is an all percussion group that performs percussion music from all over the world! We play mainly instruments that are ethnic to regions of Africa, Cuba, etc. Members will learn proper technique, style, & practices common in percussion ensembles as well. 

We are rehearsing a song called "Usiku Mwema", which comes from East Africa. We will be playing percussion with the WBO Choir during this song. Your child should have the sheet music for them to practice. If they do not have an instrument to practice on, they can pat on their lap. This ensemble does not require you to buy an instrument for your child, but if you are interested in buying a percussion instrument, please let me know.  

Our first performance will be Wednesday December 9th at TMS at 7pm. Call time for your child will be 6:15pm that night. Also, there will be a dress rehearsal on Monday December 7th from 2:30p-4:00p. Both of these dates are REQUIRED. I will be sending another reminder when we get closer to the performance. I am excited for this new ensemble and I hope you and your child is too! We meet every Tuesday at WBO from 2:30p-4:00p in room 195. 

Thanks for visiting! - Mr. Chris Komos, Director.

Yearbook Club

about 1 year ago

Yearbook Ordering Information. This year WBO will be able to order a Full Color Yearbook. Orders will be accepted online until March 24. Price: $20.00

Follow the Link Below to order your Yearbook today!

Sponsor: Heather Giles

Buy your yearbook today! Click this image to get to the order form